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Wastewater Permit Applications - Land Capability Assessment


A Land Capability Assessment (LCA) is an investigation conducted to identify all factors relevant to the sustainable disposal of wastewater to land.
This includes hydrological and geological assessment of a number of factors including; climate, topography (slope), soil type/absorption/depth, vegetation and interaction of surface and ground waters.
The LCA should be used as a basis to assess a range of EPA approved, primary and secondary wastewater treatment and disposal options. It should recommend appropriate systems that address identified site constraints.

What do I need to submit?

Council does not supply Land Capability Assessments.
The LCA must be conducted by a suitably qualified soil scientist.

Additional Information

When is a Land Capability Assessment required?

  • New dwellings in Special Water Supply Catchment Areas (also referred to as ‘Open, Potable Water Supply Catchments’)
  • For all subdivisions within the Township Zone (TZ) and Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) where reticulated sewerage is not available
  • Generally required for all subdivision proposals of 3 lots or more
  • In other areas, LCAs may be required due to specific site constraints as identified by Council’s Wastewater Officer
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