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Planning Scheme Amendments - Amendment C100 - General Amendment


Council has prepared Planning Scheme Amendment C100 (commonly known as a General Amendment).

The Amendment has been undertaken by Council to correct mapping anomalies in the South Gippsland Planning Scheme. Mapping anomalies (or errors) should be corrected as they can impose unnecessary planning permit requirements on landowners.

The mapping errors affected by this Amendment includes split zoning (where a lot is affected by two zones), inappropriate zoning (e.g. private land zoned for public purposes) or overlays being incorrectly applied to land.


Below are the official Amendment C100 documents. These documents explain what the Amendment does and will assist you in understanding if the Amendment affects you. Letters have been sent to all affected landowners and occupiers. 

  • Notice of Preparation of Amendment. This is the official exhibition notice for the Amendment.
  • Explanatory Report. This document explains what the Amendment proposes to do and how it accords with the requirements of the Planning Scheme.
  • Rezoning Maps. These map identifies the parcels of land affected by the Amendment. Multiple maps may affect
  • Clause 43.01. This is the amended schedule to the Heritage Overlay which now includes 175 Ameys Track, Foster. 

Technical Documents

The following documents form part of the Amendment however do not typically affect landowners.

Further Information

If you want to learn more about the planning scheme amendment process, see the online document Using Victoria's Planning System. See Chapter 2 Amendments.


Closing date for submissions to the Amendment is 8 June 2017. Submissions must be addressed to the Planning Department, South Gippsland Shire Council, Private Bag 4 Leongatha 3953 or email submissions to Submissions must make clear reference to Amendment C100. Please note that all submissions are a public document.

Next steps

At the completion of the exhibition period all submissions will be formally reported to Council at a Council Meeting. If any of the issues raised in submissions remain unresolved, the Amendment must be referred to an Independent Planning Panel appointed by the Minister for Planning.  Submitters will be informed of when Council Meetings and Panel Hearings are to occur and how to participate in these processes.


Enquiries regarding the Amendment should be directed to Ken Griffiths on 5662 9236 or email