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Planning Scheme Amendments - Planning for Bushfire - 2016 Mapping and Policy Update - Ministerial Amendment


The State Government has announced its intention to update its Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) mapping to identify areas across Victoria considered to be exposed to extreme bushfire risk. This initiative is being undertaken in response to recommendations made in the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. Details of the initiative can be viewed here.

The South Gippsland Planning Scheme already applies the BMO to bushfire risk areas. When implemented, this initiative will extend application of the BMO in the Planning Scheme. This includes application of the BMO to some urban zoned areas potentially exposed to bushfire ember attack.

Application of the BMO can trigger the need to obtain a planning permit for new developments (notably Accommodation / Dwellings) and it requires new buildings to be constructed in a manner that improves their resilience to bushfire attack.

This is a State Government initiative and the planning scheme amendment to introduce the extended application of the BMO will be processed and approved by the Minister for Planning and not Council. At present no firm date has been identified when the new BMO provisions will be introduced into the planning schemes across the State (potentially August 2017), however introduction of the new provisions will take immediate effect upon approval.

If you are in an area proposed to be newly included in the BMO and you are intending to undertake buildings and works on your land, you should be aware of these impending changes.


An overview map of the existing and the proposed BMO can be viewed here.

More detailed mapping (Planning Scheme map sheets) can be viewed here. Please note that these maps do not distinguish between the existing and the proposed BMO areas.

In addition to mapping changes, the State Government has introduced simplified BMO schedules for certain areas, shown as BMO1 and BMO2 on the maps. This will reduce the planning requirements of applications for a single dwelling.


The State Government is not seeking submissions on the proposed amendment. If you wish to comment on the BMO's introduction, please direct your comments to Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.


Enquiries regarding the proposed Ministerial Amendment should be directed to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

If you have a query on what the BMO does and what its requirements are, please see here. If after viewing this information you still have a query, please contact Council on 5662 9200 or email .