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Planning Scheme Amendments - C108 - Agricultural Services - Leongatha South


Proposal (Note - Amendment has now been approved)      

Amendment C108 proposes to rezone the land at 590 South Gippsland Highway, Leongatha South, 3953 being Lot 2, PS346292D and 2 Hogans Road, Leongatha South, 3953 being Lot 1, PS346292 from Farming Zone to a Special Use Zone.

The joint Amendment and planning permit proposes to rezone approximately 14.47ha of Farming Zone to Special Use Zone ‘Agricultural Services’ (SUZ) and a two lot subdivision. The subdivision is to ensure that the land is not split between two zones. Lot 1 will allow for future subdivision and development of the SUZ land while Lot 2 is the balance Farming Zone lot. The proposal does not approve any use or development for the land and future development will be subject to a separate planning permit process.

The Special Use Zone will support certain uses for the site, specifically supporting the area for agricultural service type uses or complementary type uses. 2 Hogans Road (currently Cervus) is proposed to be included due to the site abutting 590 South Gippsland Highway and already has an established complementary use (farm equipment sales).

Current stage

The Amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning on Thursday 3 August 2017. The Minister also directed that the planning permit for the two lot subdivision of the land be issued by Council.


Below are the official Amendment C108 exhibition documents. These documents explain what the Amendment does and will assist you in understanding if the Amendment affects you.

Notice of Preparation of Amendment. This is the official exhibition notice for the Amendment.

Explanatory Report. This document explains what the Amendment proposes to do and how it accords with the requirements of the Planning Scheme.

Rezoning Map. This map identifies the land that is proposed to be rezoned.

Clause 42.01 Schedule 6 (Special Use Zone). This document, if approved, will be introduced to the South Gippsland Planning Scheme and will provide the planning controls for the two sites.

Subdivision Map. This is the Plan of Subdivision which creates the separate Special Use Zone lot at 590 South Gippsland Highway.

Draft Planning Permit. The Planning Permit stipulates the conditions that the permit holder must satisfy to the satisfaction of the responsible authority.

Clause 21.15-14 Local Policy. This document amends the local policy relating to the establishment of agricultural services.

Technical Documents

The following document forms part of the Amendment however do not typically affect landowners.

Instruction Sheet. This document identifies the list of changes proposed to the planning scheme.

Further Information

If you have any queries about Amendment C108 please contact Ken Griffiths, Strategic Planning Coordinator on 5662 9236 or email with Amendment C108 in the subject line.

If you want to learn more about the planning scheme amendment process, see the online document Using Victoria's Planning System. See Chapter 2 Amendments.


The submissions period is closed. The amendment has been approved by the Minister for Planning


If you have any queries about Amendment C108 please contact Ken Griffiths, Coordinator Strategic Planning on 5662 9236 or email