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Planning Scheme Amendments - C110 Nyora Development Strategy - Nyora Town Centre


Amendment C110 to the South Gippsland Planning Scheme implemented the recommendations of the Nyora Development Strategy that affect the town centre area. It rezoned properties to Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z) to provide for commercial expansion (specifically enough space in the future for a supermarket) and applied a Design and Development Overlay (DDO) to maintain the valued characteristics of the area as the commercial and civic centre develops.

Latest News

Council prepared Amendment C110 as the first part of implementing the Nyora Development Strategy. Council prepared and adopted the Nyora Development Strategy (2016) to plan for the infrastructure needed as the town grows. Exhibition of the Amendment was available from Thursday 19 January to Wednesday 1 March 2017. No objections were received. At Council's ordinary meeting on 26 April 2017 Council adopted the final Amendment documents and resolved to submit the Amendment to the Minister for Planning for approval. The Amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning on Thursday 10 August 2017.


The final Amendment documents are available on State Government's website.

Further Information

The Nyora Development Strategy (2016) was prepared by South Gippsland Shire Council and builds on the recommendations of the Nyora Structure Plan (2013). Adopted by Council on 24 August 2016, the strategy identified the need for additional commercial land to serve a growing population and design controls to protect the town’s character as growth occurs. The strategy found that existing Commercial 1 Zone land is insufficient to provide for a future supermarket that caters for the community’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which properties in Nyora were rezoned to Commercial 1 Zone?

  • 2 Hewson St
  • 4 Hewson St
  • 6 Hewson St
  • 8 Hewson St
  • 12 Hewson St
  • 29 Davis St
  • 31 Davis St

Please note that 3, 5, 7 & 9 Hewson St and 30 Davis St were not affected.

Can I still live at my house now it has been rezoned to Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z)?

Yes you can continue to live at your house even if your property is rezoned to C1Z because of existing use rights. More information about existing use rights is available at Clause 63 of the planning scheme.

Will the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) on my land mean that I need a planning permit?

The planning permit requirements will be relatively unchanged for land in the Commercial 1 Zone. A planning permit is already needed for subdivision and most building and works.

How will my land being rezoned to C1Z affect my rates?

The amount of rates paid is based on the value of a property and levied according to the use of the property. A rezoning of land can affect the value of the land, however if the land use does not change from residential then the general rate category will not change. An increase or decrease in rates may result from the valuation review after rezoning.


Enquiries regarding the adopted amendment should be directed to Chantal Lenthall on 5662 9800 or email