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Volunteering with Council - Visitor Services Volunteer

What is involved

The Prom Country Visitor Information Centre is an integral part of the promotion of tourism in South Gippsland.  The level of professionalism of the Centre therefore has a major effect on how visitors view the region as a tourist destination.

The Prom Country VIC has level One Accreditation through the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program. As an Accredited VIC we meet specific criteria ensuring we are committed to exceeding expectations with great customer service and operate at the highest standards of business practice. The VIC’s are the ’shop front‘ for the brand, which provides a guarantee of quality information, reliability, professionalism and work to a code of ethics. The brand is made recognisable by the yellow italic “i” sign on the blue background.

Visitor Services Volunteers are the first point of contact for many visitors arriving in Foster and provide excellence in customer service by using appropriate, current and up-to-date visitor information on the South Gippsland region, in a professional and friendly manner, both in person, by email and phone.


  1. Promote South Gippsland key attractions
  2. Greeting customers in a polite and friendly manner
  3. Attend to telephone and walk-in enquiries in a friendly and professional manner and passing accommodation enquiries onto the staff member
  4. Re stocking brochures
  5. Adhere to the Prom Country Visitor Centre procedures and the Prom Country Code of Practice
  6. Attend organized familiarization tours
  7. Attend volunteer training as required


  1. A passion for, and some knowledge of, South Gippsland/Foster region and its tourism industry
  2. Excellent communication and customer service skills in order to provide outstanding customer service to both visitors to the center, and by phone.
  3. Good written and oral communication skills in dealing with visitors and team members
  4. The ability to safely participate in the duties and responsibilities of the role

To ensure the Foster VIC is adequately staffed and volunteers both retain and update their product knowledge, volunteers are asked be available for one four hour shift per week at the VIC. These shifts cover seven days (closed Christmas Day only) and shifts are rostered within VIC opening times of 9am – 5pm. For the VIC to be adequately staffed there needs to be a volunteer on duty each day from 10am to 2pm.


This position reports to the Visitor Services Coordinator


  1. Volunteers are required to undergo a police check
  2. Volunteering involves standing for the majority of the four hour shift
  3. Volunteers are supplied with a polo shirt, name badge and must ensure they present a professional image
  4. Appointment as a volunteer is subject to a three month probationary period.