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Planning Scheme Amendments - Amendment C109 - Venus Bay Caravan Park & Planning Permit 2016/180


What is Amendment C109 and Planning Permit 2016/180?

NOTE: Amendment C109 was adopted by Council at its 28 February 2018 Ordindary Council Meeting

Planning Scheme Amendment C109 proposes to apply a Special Use Zone (SUZ) to the land commonly known as the Venus Bay Caravan Park to assist in securing the ongoing long term use of the land as a caravan park. The Amendment also proposes to rezone land to the Low Density Residential Zone to facilitate the creation of a six lot residential subdivision (planning permit application 2016/180) with road access from Inlet View Road. Two additional lots are to be created on land proposed to be rezoned Township, with a further additional lot to be created for the caravan park (SUZ land). The entire site is currently in the Farming Zone. Planning Scheme overlay changes are also proposed.

The land is recognised in the Venus Bay Urban Design Framework (2006), as a future urban expansion area.

The land is currently Farming Zone. However, the small size of the property, and its location in the centre of Venus Bay (abutting many residential properties) means that it has limited potential for most agricultural uses.

Special Use Zone - Venus Bay Caravan Park

The Special Use Zone has been specifically tailored to this site and identifies suitable uses which can be applied for through the planning permit process. The Special Use Zone has been drafted to protect the ongoing use of the land as a caravan park and to allow for uses which are complimentary to the Caravan Park.

Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) Subdivision proposal

The subdivision component of the proposal includes six lots (all exceeding 4,000sqm) in the LDRZ. Each lot will include a building envelope which will limit where dwelling development can occur on the site. Native vegetation removal will be considered and appropriate offsets provided via the requirements set-out in the planning permit conditions.

There will also be one residential lot created (Township Zone) adjoining Ockenga Close. A lot in the east of the site on Centre Road is existing, and this will be made slightly smaller, and rezoned from Farming Zone to Township Zone.

The subdivision plan can be viewed here.


Below are the official Amendment C109 documents. These documents explain what the Amendment does and will assist you in understanding if the Amendment affects you.

  • Notice of Preparation of Amendment. This is the official exhibition notice for the Amendment.
  • Explanatory Report. This document explains what the Amendment proposes to do and how it accords with the requirements of the Planning Scheme.
  • Rezoning Map. These maps identify the parcels of land affected by the Amendment and show the proposed zoning and overlay changes.
  • Clause 21.15 Local Policy. This document identifies minor changes required to the local policy of the Planning Scheme.
  • Clause 42.01 Schedule 3. This document identifies minor changes to the Environmental Significance Overlay Schedule 3 (Coastal Settlements).
  • Clause 37.01s7. Special Use Zone provisions. This document sets-out the land uses to be encouraged and discouraged on the site of the exisiting Caravan Park use.
  • Subdivision Plan. These plans show how the land will be subdivided should the Amendment be approved and the subdivision planning permit issued.
  • Draft Planning Permit. If the Amendment is approved, the Minister for Planning will issue the permit for the subdivision of the land.

Supporting documents

Other Documents

  • Instruction Sheet. This document identifies the list of changes proposed to the planning scheme.
Further Information

The current provisions of the South Gippsland Planning Scheme can be viewed here.

To learn more about the planning scheme amendment process, see the online publication Using Victoria's Planning System.


The submissions period closed on Monday 31 July 2017.

A Council Report recommending the referral of submissions to a Panel was presented to the Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 September 2017 at the Leongatha Council Chambers - meeting commencing 2pm. Council Meeting agendas can be viewed here.

Panel  Hearing Details

Amendment C109 has been referred to an Independent Planning Panel for consideration of the submissions received. The Panel Hearing occur on 28 and 29 November 2017 in the Balcony Lounge at Memorial Hall Leongatha.

The following documents have been provided below in accordance with the instructions of the Panel

The report of the planning panel has been received and can be viewed here. Council consider adoption of Amendment C109 at its 28 February 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting. Council resolved to adopt the amendment and submit it to the Minister for Planning for approval.




This is a complex amendment with many elements. If you have any queries regarding any element of the Amendment please contact Ken Griffiths Strategic Planning Officer on 5662 9236 or email .