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Section 86 Committees

Council is responsible for a large number of community facilities located across South Gippsland. To assist with their operation, Council partners with Section 86 Committees to manage the facilities for community use. Council is appreciative of the volunteers that dedicate their time to working on these committees - we would be lost without them. 

Section 86 - Management Kit

Council acknowledges the importance of the role that the Special Committees play in managing the facilities on behalf of Council. A Section 86 Kit has been developed which aims to support committee members to:

  • Understand the responsibilities of Special Committees of Council (or Section 86 Committees);
  • Meet the requirements required by Council; and
  • Facilitate the smooth operation of the committee and the facility.

The kit includes information about:

  • The roles and responsibilities of office bearers
  • Meeting procedures
  • OH&S procedures
  • How to manage risk 
  • How to report to Council on the management of the facility.
Support and assistance with any matter is available from the Community Strengthening Team of the South Gippsland Shire Council.