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Leongatha Revitalisation Project


The Leongatha Revitalisation Project is a combined project of the Anderson Street Town Entry Upgrade, Leongatha Business Precinct Development (Bair Street) and Railway Site Transformation projects.

The project provides the means to create a vibrant CBD for Leongatha.

Project Overview

The combined project provides distinct stages of the overarching revitalisation of the Leongatha CBD. Stages include Anderson Street as Stage One (underway), Leongatha Business Precinct Development (Bair Street) as Stage Two and the former Railway Precinct as Stage Three.

The project takes advantage of the Leongatha Heavy Vehicle Alternate Route which diverts heavy vehicle traffic away from the CBD. The project will create an improved town atmosphere that supports existing businesses and attract new business owners. Due to this, the project will improve the economic sustainability of Leongatha.

A number of benefits will be experienced by the Leongatha community including:

  • Increased economic sustainability by supporting existing businesses and encouraging new business within the CBD.
  • Improved pedestrian safety when crossing Bair Street. Reduced congestion on Anderson Street from widening the South Gippsland Highway and redeveloping car parking areas.
  • Upgraded amenities in the CBD including roads, footpaths, landscaping and street furniture.
  • Increased sense of town pride from the beautification works.

The Leongatha Revitalisation Project will provide a positive impact to the local community and economy. Beautifying the CBD of Leongatha encourages new businesses to take advantage of the revitalised precinct and develops existing businesses. Supporting local business ensures that the economic welfare of Leongatha and the wider South Gippsland is strengthened.

Diverting heavy vehicles through the Leongatha Heavy Vehicle Alternate Route and increasing amenity through streetscape works promotes pedestrian safety. These works will encourage more residents and visitors to visit the revitalised precinct. This will enable local businesses to attract more customers. The project will create economic viability, visual amenity and boost tourist attraction for Leongatha.

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