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Live stream today's Council meeting

The Council Meeting is being streamed live today at 2.00pm.

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Illegal Works

Council investigates complaints in relation to breaches of building and planning legislation.

These complaints can include:

  • Undertaking new building work without the required building and/or planning permit;
  • Removal of native vegetation without the required planning permit;
  • Demolition of a building without a building permit and/or in some cases a planning permit;
  • Building works that are inconsistent with the approved planning permit or endorsed plans (for example planting vegetation that is not in compliance with the planning permit);
  • Altering/changing building heights, materials and colour finishes  where specified differently in the planning permit
  • Illegal use of land i.e. operating an industrial use in a residential area; and
  • Changing the use of land/building without a building and/or planning permit i.e. converting a shed to a dwelling.
Report a building/planning breach

When a complaint is received, Council assesses the risk to determine priority and act on it accordingly (based on resource allocation).