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Mirboo North Structure Plan Refresh


Mirboo North Structure Plan Refresh, adopted by Council on 24 May 2017, sets out how further growth should be accommodated as the Mirboo North grows. It focuses town growth within the centre of the township. It proposes some changes to policy and controls in the South Gippsland Planning Scheme in relation to land use, built form and landscape, access and open space.


The final Mirboo North Structure Plan Refresh (2017) is available as part of the Ordinary Meeting of Council Minutes from 24 May 2017 meeting. In the minutes, the Council report provides an overview of the project at Item 5.3. The final structure plan is available as a report attachment at 5.3.1. It has two appendices: Appendix A Land Use Analysis (5.3.2) and Appendix B (5.3.3). Also attached to the report is a full summary of the submissions received and Council's report (5.3.4).

As part of the project, independent economic analysis was prepared by Tim Nott which is available for download here.

Background and Context:

The previous Mirboo North Structure Plan (2004) aimed to guide future land use and development for the 15 years between 2004 and 2019. However, since the 2004 Structure Plan was prepared, changes to planning controls and State Government requirements had taken place. The existing plan was 'refreshed' to respond to these changes, incorporate other Council work that had been undertaken and improve policy for decision-making.

Mirboo North faces a number of challenges and/or limitations in relation to future growth including fire risk, erosion and landslip risk, difficulties with infrastructure servicing – especially reticulated sewer and potable water catchment restrictions. The Mirboo North Structure Plan Refresh better reflects these issues and recommends updating the Mirboo North Framework Plan in the Planning Scheme as a result.

Consultation on the draft structure plan was undertaken in November and December 2016. A community bulletin for the project was prepared for the draft structure plan consultation. A copy of this is available for download here. More information about the consultation process is available in the Council report (see Documents above).

What happens next?

The structure plan will be implemented via a Planning Scheme Amendment.