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Turtons Creek Tourist Corridor Landscape Project

Turtons Creek Tourist Corridor Landscape

Latest news

A community reference group has been formed and will continue to meet to discuss improvements to the corridor. Recommendations for the improvement of the corridor are being prepared and will be presented to the community in the future.


Review of Turtons Creek corridor area to determine ways to protect its scenic amenity in response to community concern on vegetation views in the area. The investigation seeks to promote Turtons Creek Road as a key tourist route for those who wish to explore this amazing area in South Gippsland.

Previous work in the area

Turtons Creek and Falls Strategic Plan 2014 - funded by the Victorian Government and project managed by the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

Strzelecki Ranges Biodiversity Study 2001 - prepared by Biosis for the Strzelecki Ranges Working Group