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Markets & Street Stalls

Food Market & Street Stalls

A state-wide registration and notification scheme for temporary and mobile food premises applies under the Food Act 1984.

Do I need to register with Council?

Yes, in many instances, you will require:

  • a health registration and
  • a local laws permit

Council health registration may be required depending on your food handling activities.
Please contact Environmental Health to discuss on 5662 9200.

If you operate in a number of regions, you will need to register with your principle Council first. You will then need to submit a 'streatrader notifications for trade' in other municipalities.

A local laws permit may be required if the activity will be held on a footpath, council owned and/or maintained property (including public car parks). You can check with Council’s Local Laws team on 5662 9200. If you are holding a raffle, you may like to visit our ‘Raffles and Street Stalls’ page for more information.

What is Streatrader?

Streatrader is the online system for businesses and community groups to register and notify their temporary and mobile food premises with their registering Council.

Streatrader allows businesses and community groups to;

  • Apply for a Food Act registration with their registering Council,
  • Manage their registration, and
  • Lodge statements of trade for each of their events

Streatrader is also the registration system for water carter and vending machine businesses trading in Victoria.

Please contact Council's Environmental Health Team on 5662 9200 for further information or assistance registering with Streatrader.


The online registration tool for community groups and businesses selling food from a food stall, truck, van or cart.