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Live stream today's Council meeting

The Council Meeting is being streamed live today at 2.00pm.

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Questions for Council Meetings

The Question Time section of an Ordinary Council Meeting is another avenue that the community can support informed decision making of Council. The on-line question time form guides the requirements for submitting questions to an Ordinary Council Meeting. For more details refer to the Public Participation in Meetings with Council Policy.

How can I submit question(s) to an Ordinary Council Meeting?

Community Members can register a question(s) for an Ordinary Council Meeting that takes place on the fourth Wednesday of month at 2pm by completing a Register your question(s) form by 5pm on the Friday before the Ordinary Council Meeting.

Register Your Question

What are the closing date/time for submitting questions for Council Meetings?

Please register your question(s) for an Ordinary Council Meeting by 5.00pm on the Friday before the Ordinary Council Meeting.

What happens to my question(s)?

The Chief Executive Officer will read out the question(s) during Public Question Time section of the Council Meeting. A response may be provided in the Council Meeting or the question(s) taken on notice and answered at the next appropriate Ordinary Council Meeting.

In certain circumstances Council may be able to provide a response prior to the Council Meeting or may make contact to clarify the intent of the question.

What kind of question(s) can I ask?

Question(s) made to Council must meet the following criteria.

  •   A limit of three questions, inclusive of part questions.
  •   Questions must be clearly defined as a question, separated from any supporting views, opinions or other text.
  •   Questions are for matters that are generally political in nature or that cannot be addressed by other means.
  •   Questions should not be about routine works or operational matters, planning (application) matters or for repeating previously answered questions.

Refer to Public Participation in Meetings with Council Policy for more details.