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Future of Korumburra Library Site


The Korumburra Town Centre Framework Plan (2013), adopted by Council 28 May 2014, recommends upgrading the existing supermarket and/or facilitating additional supermarket development in Korumburra. A supermarket developer has proposed a supermarket on the preferred supermarket site identified in the Framework Plan, at the corner of King and Commercial Streets.


Council is working with the supermarket developer to provide a new full-line supermarket at the existing library site. This proposal is expected to involve:

  • The proposed sale of Council land at 155-165 Commercial Street, 1 King Street, Lot 2 PS316156 and 28 Victoria Street;
  • The relocation of the library and other affected community groups; and
  • Changes to vehicle access along Little Commercial Street.

The proposal also provides the opportunity for a new library in Korumburra. This library could be incorporated into a new community hub at the preferred community hub site (former kindergarten site 4 Victoria Street) or an alternative site subject to community consultation. The planning for this hub is expected to commence in the 2017/18 financial year.

Preliminary Plans

View from corner of King and Commercial Streets



View from first floor offices on Commercial Street



View from King Street and Little Commercial Streets



View of Supermarket Entry, looking north towards King Street