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Giant Gippsland Earthworm and Narracan Burrowing Crayfish

Narracan Burrowing Crayfish

What is the Narracan Burrowing Crayfish?
The Narracan Burrowing Crayfish is a small land crayfish. Adult crayfish are approximately 20 - 34.5cm in length and appear red and purple in colour.
The land crayfish are relatives of yabbies.

Where does the Narracan Burrowing Crayfish live?
The Narracan Burrowing Crayfish is predominantly a burrower, spending most of its life underground. It has burrows, consisting of two or more openings which are typically found in the flood bed region of fern tree gullies in wet sclerophyll forest.
It is found in south-eastern Australia.

Is the Narracan Burrowing Crayfish threatened?
Yes. The Narracan Burrowing Crayfish has been listed as a threatened taxon under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (SAC 1993). The Narracan Burrowing Crayfish, although relatively common within its range, has a very restricted distribution.

What do I do if I find Narracan Burrowing Crayfish on my property?
For practical information about how to treat unearthed crayfish, including how to relocate them, please refer to: