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Food, Personal Care & Accommodation

Food Safety

Food Businesses

If you are planning to operate a business (including a hobby business) or community group that involves the sale of food then you will need to register with Council. The definition of sale includes food given away for free as part of another service (e.g. bed and breakfasts), or as part or a promotion or as a prize or reward.

Should you already have a Food Registration with Council and would like to pay your annual renewal fee, you can now do this online.

Pay Food Licence Renewal

Food Act Registration

Businesses that sell food (including liquor) must register with the appropriate authority depending on the type of food sold:


If your business... then register with...
Sells, transports or prepares mainly meat (e.g. butcher) or seafood (e.g. fishmonger) Prime Safe
03 9685 7333
Sells, makes, transports or prepares mainly dairy products (e.g. dairy or cheese maker) Dairy Food Safety Victoria
03 9810 5900
Sells, makes, transports or prepares other foods or a mix of foods South Gippsland Shire Council
03 5662 9200
Operates from mobile food premises (e.g. hot dog van or ice cream van) across several different Council areas Streatrader
Check with Council's Environmental Health Officer 03 5662 9200




Food businesses are classified into four risk levels according to the type of food used on premises and target customers. Depending on the risk level, businesses will need to either register or notify.

Description Requirements
Risk Level 1
Sale of high risk foods to vulnerable groups e.g. aged care facility, child care facility, kindergarten
Food Safety Program
Food Safety Supervisor
Independent Audit
Council Inspection
Risk Level 2
Preparation involves exposed high risk foods e.g. cafes, restaurants, takeaways, manufactures of high risk foods
Food Safety Program
Food Safety Supervisor
Council Inspection
Risk Level 3
Preparation of low risk foods or sale of pre-packaged high risk foods e.g.greengrocers, cake preparation (no cream), milk bars not selling hot food or sandwiches, community group BBQ.
Prescribed Records
Council Inspection 
Risk Level 4
Sale of pre-packaged, low risk foods and some specified activities e.g. newsagents selling confectionery, sausage sizzle, community group cake stall (no cream)
Council Inspection (Optional)