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What are the no smoking laws?

In 1987, the Victorian parliament passed the Tobacco Act. It prohibits smoking in the following areas:

  • Most enclosed workplaces
  • Restaurants, pubs and other eating or drinking areas other than approved outdoor drinking and dining areas. (Ask the proprietor or Licensee of the premises if you are not sure.)
  • Indoor entertainment venues
  • Underage music or dance events (whether indoor or outdoors)
  • Public buildings
  • Train stations, and bus stops where there is a roof and on public transport vehicles themselves.

Since the Tobacco Act 1987 there have been additional amendments, please see for full details of the Tobacco Act and its amendments.

New Tobacco Reforms

From 13 April 2015, smoking will be banned:

  • within the grounds of, and at and within four metres of an entrance to, all Victorian childcare centres, kindergartens (or preschools) and primary and secondary schools
  • at and within four metres of an entrance to children’s indoor play centres and Victoria public premises. Victoria public premises are all public hospitals and registered community health centres and certain Victorian Government buildings.

From Tuesday 1 April, 2014, smoking is banned outdoors within 10 meters of playgrounds and skate parks, sporting venues during under 18s events and within public swimming pool grounds.

From 1 December 2012 smoking is banned at all of Victoria's patrolled beaches in the area between the red-and-yellow lifesaving flags and within a 50 metre radius of a red-and-yellow flag.
The ban will apply during patrolled times, when one or more red-and-yellow flags installed by a Life Saving Victoria club are in place.

Please see with Tobacco Reforms website for further information.