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Support Services

Home Support Services

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Community and Home Support Services assist frail older people, people with disabilities, and carers living in the community to maximise independence through the delivery of timely, high quality basic support services that take into account each person’s individual goals, preferences and choices.  

Participation in Community and Home Care Service programs is subject to eligibility to find out more please contact the South Gippsland Regional Assessment Service.

Services include:

Personal Care
This service provides support to people who have difficulty with daily personal care tasks including showering, dressing and grooming. Services may also include demonstrating and encouraging the use of techniques to improve the person’s capacity for self-management and building confidence in the use of equipment or aids.

Domestic Assistance
The purpose of the Domestic Assistance is to assist clients to maintain a safe, healthy and hygienic home environment. Assistance can include, but is not limited to, vacuuming, sweeping, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, assistance with washing and essential ironing, changing bed linen, basic shopping and assistance with paying bills/banking. Services may also include demonstrating and encouraging the use of techniques to improve the person’s capacity for self-management and building confidence.

Meal Services
Assistance with preparing and cooking a meal in a client’s home to promote knowledge, skills, independence, confidence and safety.

Meals on Wheels
Meals are available to those who are nutritionally at risk or cannot prepare meals.
Providing meals to frail, older people at home, may deliver a range of benefits. These include informal health monitoring of clients and supporting social participation e.g. time spent with the older person when delivering the meal.
They are provided hot, chilled or frozen, are diet specific and are delivered by volunteers to homes within the towns of Leongatha, Korumburra and Foster. Outside of these towns frozen meals can be supplied and are required to be collected from the meal provider.

Community Transport
Transport is provided by Volunteer drivers in Council owned cars and buses (one bus is wheelchair accessible). This program is available to those who are unable to access other means of transport to attend medical appointments. Bus trips are scheduled for clients to access services in larger towns. Buses are available for hire by not for profit community groups when they are not in use.

Home Maintenance
For people who are over 65 years of age, we provide home maintenance services that assist clients to maintain their home in a safe and habitable condition. Maintenance services are linked to assisting clients to maintain their independence, safety, accessibility and health and wellbeing within the home environment.

Home Modifications
Home modifications are provided to improve safety and accessibility and independence within the home environment for the client. Simple, approved modifications can be installed by the service provider, in line with the Building Code of Australia.

Flexible Respite
In-home Day Respite enables carers to have a break from their usual care role by providing support to individuals of all ages. This assists with maintaining healthy and happy relationships between carers and clients. The carer may or may not be present during the delivery of the service.

Social Support Individual
Accompanied Activities, e.g. shopping and outings. This enables people to stay connected and socially active within the community and enhances quality of life. Social support is usually provided one-on-one but may also be provided to more than one person, for example, where social support is provided to an aged couple.