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Bore Report Requirements

What is a Bore Report

The bore report service is offered to assist potential purchasers of properties determine whether there are any existing restrictions caused by the location of bores that would impact on the ability to install a wastewater treatment system (septic tank system) as part of developing or re-developing the property.

Wastewater systems approved for use in Venus Bay and Sandy Point cannot be installed within 20m of an existing bore. These systems usually consist of a Secondary Treatment System (Package Treatment Plant) with disinfection and then disposal of effluent to a sub-surface drip irrigation system. The irrigated area of land needs to be 160-250m2 for a 3 bedroom house depending on the type of treatment plant system used.

Council will review available bore mapping from DELWP, conduct a visual inspection to confirm the location of mapped bores and visually inspect as far as practicable all premises for evidence of un-documented bores. The report will identify as far as practicable the location of the bores, the 20m buffer distance from those bores and the area left available for effluent disposal. It is the applicants responsibility to decide if they can develop the site around these restrictions.

Why would I need one on vacant land?

With new Wastewater Systems requiring 160-250m2 of land for irrigation for a standard 3 bedroom house, it is possible that local bores can restrict the size or location of the dwelling or even, in rare circumstances, prevent the construction of a house on the site.

Why would I need one on a developed property?

For existing houses, wastewater systems only need to be upgraded to meet current standards where either:

  • Additional bedrooms are added to the dwelling
  • The existing system fails

New wastewater systems in existing homes need to meet current standards if possible, however where this cannot be achieved then options are available to justify reduced designs.

What guarentees does the Bore Report provide?

Southern Rural Water control the installation of bores on properties. They have advised that they cannot refuse a bore permit for stock or domestic purposes.

Council must make it’s decision to approve any future wastewater system at the time the application is lodged and in accordance with regulations in force at that time. Therefore the bore report is only provided as advice to a prospective purchaser of the current situation at the time the report is prepared.

How long will it take to get the report? We aim to complete reports within 10 working days.