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Planning Fees

Amendment Fees

Application to Amend Planning Permits

Class of permit Type of Amendment Application Fee to Amend Application Combined Appliction Half Fee
1 Change or allow a new use of the land $1,286.10 $643.05
2 Amendment to permit to change the statement of what the permit allows to change any or all of the conditions of the permit (other than a permit to use and/or develop land for a single dwelling or ancillary building per lot. $1,286.10 $634.05
Single Dwelling
Amendment to a Class 2,3,4,5 or 6 permit* if the cost of any additional development permitted by the amendment is:
3 $10,000 or less $195.10 $97.55
4 $10,001 to $100,000 $614.10 $307.05
5 $100,001 to $500,000 $1,257.20 $628.60
6 $500,001 or more $1,358.30 $679.15
Amendment to a permit that is the subject of VicSmart if the estimated cost of the additional development is:
7 $10,000 or less $195.10 $97.55
8 $10,001 or more $419.10 $209.55
9 Amendment to a Class 9 permit* $195.10 $97.55
10 Amendment to Class 10 permit* $195.10 $97.55

All Other Development
Amendment where the estimated cost of any additional development to be permitted by the amendment is:

11 $100,000 or less
(Amendment to Class 11,12,13,14,15 or 16 permit*)
$1,119.90 $559.95
12 $100,001 to $1,000,000
(Amendment to Class 12,13,14,15 or 16 permit*)
$1,510.00 $755.00
13 $1,000,001 or more
(Amendment to Class 11,12,13,14,15 or 16 permit*)
$3,330.70 $1,665.35
14 Amendment to a Class 17 permit* $1,286.10 $643.05
15 Amendment to a Class 18 permit* $1,286.10 $643.05
16 Amendment to a Class 19 permit* (per 100 lots created) $1,286.10 $643.05
17 Amendment to a Class 20 permit* $1,286.10 $643.05
18 Amendment to a Class 21 permit* $1,286.10 $643.05
19 Amendment to a Class 22 permit* $1,286.10 $643.05

* Refer to Applications for Planning Permit table

Amending An Application Once Notice Has Been Given

Type of Application


  1. Section 57A(3)(a) - Request to amend an application for permit after notice has been given; or
  2. Section 57A(3)(a) – Request to amend an application for an amendment to a permit after notice has been given:

40% of the application fee for that class of permit or amendment to permit; and

Where the class of application is changing to a new class of higher application fee, the difference between the fee for the application to be amended and the fee for the new class.

Planning Scheme Amendment Fees

These fees apply if you make an application to change the provisions of the South Gippsland Planning Scheme such as rezoning your land. These fees should not be confused with planning permit amendment fees (fees noted above) which are the fees paid to amend a current planning permit. For the first 12 months from commencement of the new fee regulations, the fees for all planning scheme amendments stages will be charged at 50% of the fees set out in regulations. This will expire on the 13 October 2017 after which, the full fee rate will apply to all stages of the amendment process.

Stage   Fee*

a) Considering a request to Amend a Planning scheme; and
b) Exhibition and notice of the amendment; and
c) Considering any submissions which do not seek a change to the amendment; and
d) If applicable, abandoning the amendment.

2 a) Considering up to and including 10 submissions which seek a change to an amendment and where necessary referring the submissions to a panel:  
     i) Up to 10 submissions $14,753.40
    ii) 11 to 20 submissions $29,478.00
    iii) More than 20 submissions $39,405.10

b) Providing assistance to a panel; and
c) Making a submission to the panel; and
d) Considering the panel's report; and
e) After considering submissions and the report, if applicable, abandoning the amendment.


a) Adopting the amendment or a parat of an amendment; and
b) Submitting the amendment for approval by the Minister; and
c) Giving the notice of the aproval of the amendment.

4 a) Consideration by the Minister of a request to approve an amendment; and
b) Giving notice of approval of an amendment.


The fees for stages 1,2 and 3 are paid to the planning authority by the person who requested the amendment.
The fee for stage 4 is paid to the Minister by the person who requested the amendment.


Development Plan Approval Fees

The following fees are payable to Council for consideration and approval of Development Plans in accordance with the requirements of a Development Pland Overlay schedule.

Development Plans and subsequent amendments to development plans $529.90
Notification of a Development Plan 0 - 10 letters $102.50
Notification of a Development Plan 10+ letters $205.00
Notification of a Development Plan - sign on site $256.30