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VicRoads or Council Road

If the road is on this list, it is controlled by VicRoads.
If it is not on the list, then the road is the responsibility of Council.


Bass Highway (Vic Roads ref B460)
Local/Common Names
Inlet Road
Inverloch Road
Leongatha-Inverloch Road
McCartin Street, Leongatha

South Gippsland Highway
Local/Common Names
Anderson Street, Leongatha
Bair Street, Leongatha
Commercial Street, Korumburra
Elizabeth Street, Korumburra
Foster Road, Toora
Koonwarra Road, Leongatha
Leongatha Road, Korumburra
Main Street, Welshpool
McCartin Street, Leongatha
Mine Road, Korumburra
Welshpool Road, Toora
Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan

Strzelecki Highway (VicRoads ref B460)
Local/Common Names

Coast Road
Grand Ridge Road, (Dickies Hill Junction to Mirboo North)
Grand Ridge West, Mirboo North
Leongatha-Mirboo Road (from Leongatha North Road to Mirboo North)
Leongatha Road
Leongatha-Yarragon Road (from Leongatha to Leongatha North Road)
Mountain Hut Road, Mirboo North
Ridgway, Mirboo North
Roughead Street, Leongatha
Thorpdale Road, Mirboo North
Thorpdale-Mirboo North Road (from Mirboo North to Shire boundary)
Yarragon Road, Leongatha

Main Roads

Barry Road (VicRoads ref C447)
Local/Common Names
Barry Beach Road

Buffalo-Tarwin Lower Road
Local/Common Names
Middle Tarwin Road
Buffalo Middle Tarwin Road

Boolarra South - Mirboo North Road (VicRoads ref C457)
Local/Common Names
Grand Ridge Road
Grand Ridge East, Mirboo North

Drouin-Korumburra Road (VicRoads ref C432)
Local/Common Names
Drouin Road, Poowong
Poowong-Drouin Road (between Poowong and Shire boundary)
Ranceby Road, Poowong

Fish Creek-Foster Road (VicRoads ref C445)
Local/Common Names

Hoddle Road, Foster
McDonald Road, Foster
Main Street, Foster
Toora Road, Foster

Foster-Promontory Road (VicRoads ref C446)
Local/Common Names
Promontory Road

Inverloch-Venus Bay Road (VicRoads ref C442)
Local/Common Names
Evergreen Road (between Tarwin Lower & Venus Bay)
Inverloch-Tarwin Lower Road
River Drive, Tarwin Lower

Korumburra-Inverloch Road (VicRoads ref C441)
Local/Common Names
Inverloch-Kongwak Road
Tullochs Road (between Kourmburra-Wonthaggi Road and Korumburra-Inverloch Road)

Korumburra-Warragul Road (VicRoads ref C425)
Local/Common Names
Warragul Road, Korumburra

Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road (VicRoads ref C437)
Local/Common Names
Guys Road, Korumburra (between Radovick Street - George Street)
Jumbunna Road (between Korumburra & Jumbunna)
Radovick Street, Korumburra
Wonthaggi Road, Kongwak

Lang Lang-Poowong Road (VicRoads ref C434)
Local/Common Names
Davis Street, Nyora
McDonalds Track
Nyora Road, Poowong
Poowong-Nyora Road

Meeniyan-Mirboo North Road (VicRoads ref C455)
Local/Common Names
Brennan Street, Mirboo North
Campbell Street, Meeniyan
Farmers Road (between Dumbalk & Farmers Road)
Farmers Road (between Meeniyan & Dumbalk)
Farmers Road, Dumbalk
Giles Street, Mirboo North
Loves Lane (between Farmers Road and Mardan Road)
Mardan Road (between Mardan Road and Mirboo North)
McDonald Street, Meeniyan
Old Mardan Road (south of Mirboo North)
Old Mardan Road, Mirboo North

Meeniyan-Promontory Road (VicRoads ref C444)
Local/Common Names
Foster Road, Fish Creek
Greaves Street, Meeniyan
Lorimer Street, Fish Creek
Meeniyan-Fish Creek Road (between Meeniyan & Fish Creek)
Promontory Road, Yanakie
Yanakie Road (between Fish Creek and Yanakie)

Mirboo North-Trafalgar Road (VicRoads ref C469)
Local/Common Names
Thorpdale-Mirboo North Road
Thorpdale Road

Nerrena Road (VicRoads ref C454)
Local/Common Names
Dumbalk Road
Ogilvy Street, Leongatha

Port Welshpool Road (VicRoads ref C451)
Local/Common Names
Formally part of the Midland Highway
Lewis Street, Port Welshpool

Tarwin Lower Road (VicRoads ref C443)
Local/Common Names
Middle Tarwin Road

Tourist Roads

Waratah Tourist Road (VicRoads ref C445)
Local/Common Names
Fish Creek-Sandy Point Road
Fish Creek-Waratah Road

Wilsons Promontory Road (VicRoads ref C444)
Local/Common Names
Promontory Road