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Mirboo North Heritage Overlay

What Planning Approvals Published Thursday, 25th October 2018

Planning Scheme Amendment C115 proposes to protect Mirboo North properties of heritage significance.

Mirboo North has a very rich and long history that is still represented by many historic buildings today. To preserve the town's history and continue to develop the design and feel of the town, the Mirboo North Structure Plan Refresh identified an opportunity to preserve properties via the Heritage Overlay.

The Heritage Overlay is part of the planning scheme that identifies and protects places of state and local heritage significance.  The overlay operates by triggering the need for a planning permit when changes or alterations are proposed to the property.  Changes of particular interest include demolition, alterations and additions.

Council is now inviting property owners to support the application of a Heritage Overlay to preserve their building and/or garden's historical significance.

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