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Leongatha Railway Site Transformation

Latest News

The Final Master Plan was presented to Council for consideration at the 20 December 2017 ordinary Council meeting in response to consultation feedback. The minutes of the meeting can be viewed here (refer to item 4.1 at page 69 and the relevant attachments). Council has resolved that further consultation and investigation is required in relation to some elements of the project including the development of a traffic school.


The Leongatha Railway Site Transformation project seeks to improve the Leongatha railway yard and station area for the benefit of the community now that the tourist railway has closed. While the railway corridor to Leongatha will remain open for future rail services, the State Government currently has no plans for their return. Given this, Council has the opportunity to take over the lease of the railway land and to improve the Leongatha railway site and its surrounds. The project involves Council working closely with VicTrack who are the land managers on behalf of the Crown. Some maps of the existing site and its conditions can be downloaded here.

Draft Master Plan

The Draft Master Plan is available to download here. The Ideas Engagement Report explains how the Draft Master Plan responds to the ideas received from the community from April-May 2017 this year. The Draft Master Plan was available for comment from Wednesday 20 September until Tuesday 17 October 2017. The comments received in response to the Draft Master Plan were considered in the preparation of the Final Master Plan being presented to Council at the 20 December ordinatry Council meeting. An Engagement Report was prepared which summarises and responds to the consultation findings. This is available for download as an attachment (4.1.2) to the Council agenda here.

Ideas Engagement From Tuesday 18 April until Tuesday 30 May 2017, we asked for your ideas for the Leongatha railway site online at: We also held the following events to seek your ideas for the site. An Engagement Report was prepared which summarises and responds to the consultation findings. This is available for download here.
Ideas Fair & Ideas Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who attended our Ideas Fair on Saturday 22 April and shared their ideas for the railway site's future. Particular thanks to the community groups and performers who assisted on the day including the Lions Club (providing the BBQ), Leongatha Library (providing storytime), Leongatha Rotary, South Gippsland Brass Band, Invy Horn Jam and The Magic Theatre.

Thanks also to everyone who attended the Ideas Exhibition on Friday 19 May 4-7pm at Council Chambers. It was great to receive community feedback on the ideas received to date.

Preliminary Concepts

During the consultation period, some initial sketches were prepared to illustrate the common ideas being received. These were displayed at the engagement events. They are available for download here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the project about?
The Leongatha Railway Site Transformation project involves the development of a master plan for the site. This will form the basis of future Council budgeting and funding bids to realise the plans for the site. During this time, it is expected that we will determine with VicTrack to lease the full site. The State Government has informed us that a 20-year lease is what we can expect to secure at the site. We expect that there may be some room for negotiation depending on the final master plan.

What about the train? Can we get it back?
The State Government is responsible for public transport networks in Victoria and manages the railway corridor to Leongatha. The railway line to Leongatha has been designated an 'open' railway line by State Government (specifically Public Transport Victoria). This means that the corridor is being reserved in the case that rail is returned in the future. At present, the State Government has made no commitment to return rail services to South Gippsland. South Gippsland Shire Council support the return of rail services to the area. In the meantime, however, Council would like to see the Leongatha railway station area improved in a way that benefits the community.

Will the Leongatha railway station area be needed for the return of rail to Leongatha?
State government have not been clear about exactly what area will be needed in the future. This situation may provide us with more flexibility to negotiate with the State Government regarding what could happen on the site.

Can we rip up the tracks?
The State Government has confirmed that the tracks can be removed at the railway site.

Who looks after the site at the moment?
The site is Crown land, managed by State Government (specifically VicTrack). Council leases the area at and around Apex park (the park on Roughead St behind the palm trees). It also leases the car park area near the railway station building.

What will happen to the bus stop?
PTV have committed to the Vline bus stop location and have approved funding for a new bus shelter and toilet.

How long will it take to happen & is there a budget for redevelopment?
Two components of the Leongatha Revitalisation Project have been funded – the Heavy Vehicle Alternate Route and the Leongatha Western Entrance remodelling. Council is planning to complete the Bair Street project next but this does not exclude the commencement of initial work in the Railway precinct.

What if I have a business proposition for the site and / or the building?
It would be best to speak first with the strategic planning department at Council today, by calling 5662 9200 or emailing

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