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Naming roads, places & features

Apply to name a road, place or feature

Members of the general public and community interest groups can develop a proposal to amend a name or change the name of a road, feature, or locality, including a locality’s boundaries.

Proposals should include:

  • the proposed name.
  • the location of the road or feature (and, if relevant, its current name).
  • background information on why the naming authority should consider naming or changing the name or boundary.
  • the reason for the proposal (why the current name is not considered appropriate or any other relevant information).
  • why the proposed name is considered appropriate.
  • contact details of the proposer(s) and information on public consultation that has occurred and/or support and non-support that has been gathered from community members or groups.
  • a statement saying that the proposed name conforms to the relevant principles and requirements in the naming rules as set by The Office of Geographic Names.

You may submit a proposal to Council to name or rename a road, feature or place.  Council will then review and verify the information by contacting the relevant Historical Society in that area to conform that the information provided has merrit.  If Council choose to proceed with the proposal a Council Report will be prepared for Councils consideration.

Want to speak with someone

Please contact Jo Cox, Technical Officer, on (03) 5662 9200 or email