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Take Your E-waste to a Better Place

ewaste Published Tuesday, 28th May 2019

As of 1 July 2019, e-waste will no longer be accepted in any bin. Instead, it must be taken to dedicated drop-off points where it will be collected for resource recovery.

What is e-waste?
If it’s got a plug, battery or cord and is unwanted, it’s e-waste. It could be any of a whole range of items from work, home or even the garden shed. From old phones, computers and household appliances to power tools and toys.

Why recover it?
Electronic waste is growing up to three times faster than general municipal waste. When you consider what is inside e-waste and that up to 90% of it can be recovered and made into something else, it makes no sense to bury electronic objects in the ground once we are finished with them.

Where do I take it?
E-waste will be accepted at Council's Transfer Stations (tips) to be recycled. To find out more about e-waste please visit

Take a look at what's inside e-waste and why we need to take it to a better place: