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Property Preparation Permits and travel from Metro Melbourne

You can now apply for a Property Preparation Permit via Council’s website.

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Local Law No.2 - Meeting Procedures and Common Seal

Documents on exhibition Published Thursday, 24th September 2020

Council has endorsed a revised Local Law No.2 2020 Processes of Municipal Government which is open for comment.

Council endorsed Local Law No.2 2020 Processes of Municipal Government (Meeting Procedures and Common Seal) in accordance with Section 125 and 127 of the Local Government Act 1989. Numerous sections have been repealed, following the adoption of the Governance Rules 2020. Remaining sections have been retained and/or amended to align with current legislative requirements.

Copies of the Revised Local Law No.2 2020 and Community Impact Statement documents are available for inspection online and hardcopies can be mailed by contacting Customer Service on 03 5662 9200 between 8.30am and 5.00pm until Friday 23 October 2020 to allow sufficient time for the document to arrive.

A person proposing to make a submission under s.223 of the Act must do so no later than 5.00pm, Thursday 29 October 2020. Late submissions will not be considered by Council. Submissions must be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, South Gippsland Shire Council.

Copies of submissions, including submitters names, will be made available in open agendas. Submitters concerned with the use and disclosure of their personal details are required to advise Council Business Unit using the submission email below on, or before, 5.00pm on Thursday 29 October 2020.

Any person lodging a submission may request to be heard in support of their submission, or to be represented by a person specified in their submission, at an Additional Council Meeting currently planned at 11.00am on Wednesday 18 November 2020. Attendance at any public hearing or open meeting is subject to actions required under Council’s Business Continuity Plan relating to COVID-19.

Submissions are preferred via email and can be sent to Alternatively, submissions will also be accepted in writing addressed to: Chief Executive Officer, South Gippsland Shire Council, Private Bag 4, Leongatha, VIC 3953.

Following consideration of the submissions, Council may amend or not amend the Proposed Local Law No.2 2020 – Processes of Municipal Government - Meeting Procedures and Common Seal.

For further enquiries contact our Council Business Coordinator, June Ernst on 03 5662 9200.