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Have Your Say on the Future of our Coastal Communities

Coastal Strategy Engagement Published Monday, 19th December 2022

Consultation for the South Gippsland Coastal Strategy has now commenced.

From Venus Bay to Port Welshpool, our coast is a treasured asset for locals and visitors of South Gippsland. However, it is facing a range of pressures including climate change risk, increasing residential and commercial development, and increasing demand for infrastructure and services. It's clear we need to take proactive steps to respond to these challenges and prepare our coastal communities for the future.

The Coastal Strategy is a major initiative of the 2022-2026 Council Plan, and will provide strategic direction for our coastal areas and guide sustainable land use and development.

To ensure the Strategy reflects the views of the South Gippsland community, an extensive engagement process is underway. Ending on 14 February 2023, the engagement will include pop-ups at markets and festivals, an online survey and forums, written submissions and, we hope, many conversations amongst the community.

To help start the conversation, we have prepared a Discussion Paper that provides information about some of the challenges and how we might respond. These include:

  • Removing growth areas from the planning scheme in Venus Bay, Sandy Point and Waratah Bay, which means the townships wouldn't expand beyond their current boundaries.
  • Limiting new residential development in coastal townships to a single dwelling per lot.
  • Introducing subdivision controls to prevent the creation of additional residential lots in coastal towns.
  • Reviewing coastal land management arrangements regarding Council's foreshore management areas.

To find out more and to get involved, please visit: