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Open Air Burning

The Fire Danger Period ended on 1 May, 2018.

What can I do during the Fire Danger Period?

Can I burn off?

No burning off is permitted during the Fire Danger Period.

Can I have a fire for cooking or heating?

Yes, provided it is for:

  • A barbecue, pizza oven or other properly constructed appliance while it is being used for cooking food;
  • A fire in a manufactured fireplace while it is being used for heating.

Please see the CFA's Can I, Can't I Brochure for more information.

How do I get a permit to burn?

You will need to complete the following form.

There may be circumstances whereby Council will issue a permit to burn to landowners that cannot comply with the general open air burning regulations. Council gives due regard to the following when assessing permit applications:

  • The size of the land
  • That the land is in a designated bushfire risk area
  • That the burn off is strictly for fire prevention purposes only
  • The ability of the landowner to remove the vegetation via more appropriate methods
  • The proximity to neighbouring assets and property
  • The risk of smoke nuisance

Landowners who are unsure as to their eligibility should contact the Council's Customer Service Officers on 5662 9200 before submitting a permit to burn application.

What are the general fire safety provisions when I am burning off?

Council asks all residents undertaking open air burning to do so in accordance with the following:

  • Give notice to adjoining landowners/occupiers at least 24 hours prior to the burn
  • Give notice to ESTA (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority) 2 hours prior to the burn by calling 1800 668 511 (Prevents unnecessary response from fire brigades)
  • Establish a fire break of no less than 3 metres cleared of all flammable material
  • Ensure the fire is supervised by an adult at all times
  • Ensure there is sufficient fire protection/suppression equipment available on site at all times
  • Ensure the vegetation to be burnt is dead and dry prior to lighting (no green waste)
  • Ensure at the site of the fire, the wind speed does not exceed 20 kilometres per hour (11 knots)
  • Notify the Victorian Bushfire Line of your burn on 1800 240 667