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Presenting to Council

Public Presentations to Your Council

Presenting to Council
Council prides itself on community participation and each month provides a range of opportunities for residents to engage directly with Councillors by making presentations, submissions or asking questions (Formal decisions of Council are not made at these Sessions).  

When can I attend a Public Presentation?
3rd Wednesday of each month at 2pm and 7pm (by appointment only).  
Community members are usually provided a ten minute speaking time with an additional 5 minutes set aside for Councillors to ask questions and seek clarification.

4th Wednesday of each month at 10am prior to the Monthly Council Meeting.
The speaking time set aside is usually 5 minutes and is for Council meeting agenda items, with an additional 5 minutes set aside for Councillors to ask questions. The Chairperson (usually The Mayor) may extend if there is time available in the session.

To arrange a speaking time contact the Council Business Team on 5662 9222. Bookings are essential by 12noon the day before the evening Public Presentation session on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Where do Public Presentations take place?
Public Presentation sessions are usually conducted in the Council Chambers, Michael Place, Leongatha.

What can I talk about?
Items of significance to the Council or municipality.

Your presentation must relate to the business of Council and must not be defamatory, objectionable in language, nature or intent.

You may choose to submit your Presentations/Questions to Council prior to the Sessions in writing to:
South Gippsland Shire Council
Private Bag 4
Leongatha VIC 3953

or Via Email:

What can I expect on the day?
Public Presentation Sessions are open to the public. The Chairperson will call each speaker to sit with the Councillors and make their presentation.

All members of the community addressing Council are asked to extend due courtesy and must take direction from the Chair whenever called upon to do so.

Questions at Public Presentations/Council Meetings
Community Members can present questions at the end of a Council Meeting (during Council Agenda Item "Question Time") or at Council Public Presentation Sessions.

Community Members wishing to ask a question of Council are requested to provide details 'Public Question Time Online Form' to enable the Council to prepare a thorough and informed response.  Questions can be submitted via post or email or provided to the Council Business Officer prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Where practicable, an answer will be given at the Meeting. Questions that are taken ‘on notice’ will be responded to at the next most appropriate Council Meeting.

February 2017    
Public Presentation  15 February  2pm and 7pm*
Council Meeting Day  22 February  10am
March 2017    
Public Presentation  15 March 2pm and 7pm*
Council Meeting Day  22 March 10am
April 2017    
Public Presentation  19 April 2pm and 7pm*
Council Meeting Day  26 April 10am
May 2017    
Public Presentation  17 May 2pm and 7pm*
Council Meeting Day  24 May 10am
June 2017    
Public Presentation  21 June 2pm and 7pm*
Council Meeting Day 28 June 10am
July 2017    
 Public Presentation 19 July  2pm and 7pm*
 Council Meeting Day 26 July 10am
August 2017    
 Public Presentation 16 August  2pm and 7pm*
 Council Meeting Day 23 August 10am
September 2017    
Public Presentation 20 September 2pm and 7pm*
Council Meeting Day 27 September  10am
October 2017    
Public Presentation 18 October 2pm and 7pm*
Council Meeting Day 25 October 10am
November 2017    
 Public Presentation 15 November 2pm and 7pm*
 Council Meeting Day 22 November 10am
December 2017    
 Public Presentation 13 December 2pm and 7pm
 Council Meeting Day 20 December 10am
* By Appointment Only