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Presenting to Council

Public Presentations to Your Council


The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a number of changes for the community, including impacts to Council’s open public sessions. Council is required to manage the requirements imposed for self-distancing and limiting personal interaction with others during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response Council has closed its offices and public meeting rooms, while providing as many services as possible through changed mechanisms.

Even though open public sessions are currently closed, Expressions of Interest to present to Council are still invited. Council will need to undertake public presentations in the safest manner possible for all involved and in line with the most current government requirements as they are implemented. The Council Business Team will contact submitters to let them know how an EOI to present to Council may be ‘heard’ during these restrictive times.

Please contact Council Business Team on 5662 9200 should you require assistance in submitting questions to an Ordinary Council Meeting.


Council prides itself on community participation and each month provides a range of opportunities for residents to engage directly with Councillors by making presentations, submissions or asking questions. Public Presentation sessions provide opportunities for the community to present to Council on general matters of public interest or items listed on the Council Meeting Agenda. The sessions are not forums for debate or to ask questions.

Both General and Agenda Presentation Sessions are open to the public and media, unless deemed appropriate to be closed by the CEO in consultation with the Mayor. Matters considered in a closed session are usually sensitive and/ or commercial-in-confidence in nature.As the CEO in consultation with the Mayor has the discretion to determine the most appropriate avenue for engagement they may invite presenters on topics of interest to Council.

The Public Participation in Meetings with Council Policy (C65) provides an overview of the ways in which the community can interact with Council in respect of Public Presentations, Public Questions, Petitions and Public Attendance.

How and when can I submit an EOI to make a Public Presentation to Council?
Community members can register an Expression of Interest to present to Council by completing an expression of interest form by the due date. Refer to the summary of presentation dates/ times for 2020.

Online Form
Community Members can register an Expression of Interest to Present to Council by completing an online form by 9.00am on the Monday before the Public Presentation Session. 
Submit Your Expression of Interest

Hardcopy Form
Persons without access to a computer can contact the Council Business Unit on 5662 9200 in advance to obtain a copy of the prescribed hard copy form.
Community Members can register an Expression of Interest to Present to Council by completing a hard copy form by 9.00am on the Monday before the Public Presentation Session. The form can be submitted Council’s Reception (9 Smith Street, Leongatha) or mailed to Private Bag 4, Leongatha.

What is the closing date/time for submitting an EOI to make a Public Presentation to Council?

For General Public Presentations that takes place on the third Wednesday of the month at 2pm (other times by exception) are due by 9.00am on the Monday prior to the Public Presentation.

For Agenda Presentations that takes place on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 10am (Agenda Topics Only), are due by 9.00am on the Monday prior to an Ordinary Council Meeting.

Refer to the summary of presentation dates/times for 2020.

What happens to my Expression of Interest once it is submitted?
For those who submit an online form an automatic acknowledgement is sent. The Council Business Unit will contact submitters on the Monday or Tuesday prior to a General or Agenda Public Presentation.

The CEO in consultation with the Mayor assesses Expressions of Interest (EOI). An EOI must:

  • Clear and legible.
  • Submitted with adequate supporting information.
  • Related to the business or powers of Council.
  • Relevant to a matter of public interest or community benefit.

Invitations may not be extended where the EOI is deemed to be:

  • Related to a matter beyond or outside the powers of Council.
  • Trivial or frivolous.
  • Defamatory, indecent, abusive or objectionable.
  • Derogatory or designed to embarrass a Councillor, a member of Council staff or a member of the community.
  • Related to a matter already considered and resolved by Council.
  • A presentation that has been previously presented in the previous 12 months.
  • Breach Council’s confidentiality obligations.
  • Illegible, vague or not make sense.

Submitters of an EOI that has not been accepted under the Policy will be advised of the reasons in writing and may be encouraged to resubmit their EOI to comply with the Policy.

Can I use supporting documents for my Public Presentation?
Documents must be included at the time of submitting an EOI and must meet the following criteria:

  • Documentation provided must be clear and legible.
  • Documents to be distributed to Councillors and/or PowerPoint displays are to be provided with the Expression of Interest and clearly state what is to be displayed on screen.

How much presentation time do I get?
All Public Presentation Sessions (both General and Agenda) will be allocated a maximum of ten (10) minutes for each speaker, this includes a combined total of ten (10) minutes for related parties or groups. Presenters are encouraged to include in their allocated time an opportunity for Councillors to ask questions.

Council is committed to hearing from a diverse cross section of the community. To help achieve this within its finite resources, individuals and groups are limited to presenting up to a maximum of three (3) times per 12 month period unless approved otherwise by the CEO in consultation with the Mayor.

Where do Public Presentations take place?
Public Presentation sessions are usually conducted in the Council Chambers, Michael Place, Leongatha.

Public Attendance at Public Presentation Sessions.
Public Presentation Sessions are open to the public. The Mayor will call each speaker to sit with the Councillors and make their presentation.

Those attending Public Presentation Sessions are required to:

  • Show courtesy and respect to all members of the public, Councillors and staff at all times.
  • Respect and abiding by the protocols of the meeting and directions of the Chair.
  • Seek the permission of the CEO and any individual to take photographs, audio recordings or film.
  • Seek permission of the CEO prior to bringing in any props, placards, fliers, audio, video or other supporting materials. Anything deemed unsafe or inappropriate by the CEO will not be allowed.

After listening to your presentation Councillors may have questions to help them better understand your matter. The sessions are not an opportunity for debate, nor do Council make decisions. Your presentation helps Council to meet its main objective ‘to endeavour to achieve the best outcomes for the local community having regard to the long term and cumulative effects of decisions’ (s.3C LG Act 1989).

Can I invite others to come along to the Public Presentation session?
Yes, public presentations are conducted in an open session, this means that members of the community may be present as well as the press. So you are able to bring along support members, sometimes one support member can sit with you whilst you are presenting.
As Public Presentations are open to the public, the names of speakers and organisation will be advertised prior to the session on Council’s website, this information is also used in a report to Council noting the presentation. Please contact the Council Business Unit on 5662 9200 if you have any questions.