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Storm Event Update

Please click here for updates on the storm response and available supports.

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About the ArtCubes

The ArtCubes are designed and delivered by South Gippsland Shire Council. They are unique to our Shire, bringing accessible, portable creative spaces to various locations across South Gippsland.
Instantly recognisable for the colourful murals on the outside walls, the three ArtCubes are all made from adapted cube containers.

The ArtCubes are designed to be activated with creativity – this might include sculpture or paintings, installations, performances or even a quirky bar or events centre. Installed with artworks, they can be left with the door closed, inviting curious visitors to see what is inside the Cube through the windows. They can also be opened up wide (with two doors or one), inviting participation and engagement within the space. If you are curious about the ArtCubes and would like more information, please contact the Arts Development Officer on or 5662 9200.