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What approvals do I need? - Swimming Pools, Spas and Barriers

Description Swimming Pools, Spas and Barriers
Do I need approval?

A domestic swimming pool or spa and any mechanical and safety equipment generally do not require a planning permit if it is associated with one dwelling on a lot. There may be specific circumstances where a permit is required due to an overlay, such as; Heritage Overlay, Land Subject to Inundation Overlay, Environmental Management Overlay or Public Acquisition Overlay.
If you are unsure or would like to talk to a planner you can call (03) 5662 9200 or please click here to book a time to meet with a Planner.
Please note: Where applicable, a planning permit should be obtained prior to submitting a building permit.

A building permit is required for a swimming pool, spa and barrier unless the following can be met;

  • A swimming pool or spa with a depth not exceeding 300mm; or
  • A relocatable swimming pool that is erected temporarily in an area enclosed by a building permit approved barrier.

Environmental Health
If the pool or spa is installed in a commercial premises for public use (used by patrons) then maintenance requirements under the Public Health & Wellbeing Act may apply. Please contact Council’s Environmental Health Team for further information. 

What do I need to submit?

Contact a private Building Surveyor to obtain a building permit.

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