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What approvals do I need? - Events

Description Events (also known as Place of Assembly or Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) and generally include cultural or community activities and entertainment such as concerts, festivals or exhibitions)
Do I need approval?

Events such as those listed above, commonly fall within the land use definition of 'Place of assembly' for planning purposes. A place of assembly does not include a persons' use of their land for social activities associated with the use of their land for a dwelling, such as hosting a barbecue or party.
Events (or place of assembly) require a planning permit and are only exempt from a planning permit where that event has been authorised by the Public Land Manager or by the Council under a local law and:

  • The use is on public land; and
  • Only temporary buildings or works are required for the event.

Because events can have significant effects on the amenity of surrounding properties and the environment in terms of noise, odour, traffic, dust, waste, lighting etc. it is important for you to consult with Council as far in advance of the proposed event as possible, in order to allow enough time to consult with people who may be affected during the planning permit process. If you are unsure or would like to talk to a planner you can call 03 5662 9200.

Please note: where applicable, a planning approval should be obtained prior to submitting a building permit.

An Occupancy Permit for a Place of Public Entertainment (also known as a POPE) is required prior to an Event being held when;

  • the place where the public entertainment is being held is more than 500 m² and the public can attend by payment of money or other consideration; or
  • the place where the public entertainment is being held is more than 500 m², is substantially enclosed and the public can attend without charge.

Events conducted by a community based organisation where the number of persons at the event at any one time does not exceed 5,000 are exempt from the above requirement.
Regardless of the size or who is conducting the Event, an Occupancy Permit for a Place of Public Entertainment is required for public entertainment events where the following temporary structures are being erected:

  • tents, marquees or booths with a floor area of more than 100 m²;
  • seating stands for more than 20 persons;
  • stage or platforms exceeding 150m2 in floor area; and
  • prefabricated buildings exceeding 100m2 other than ones placed directly on the ground.

Environmental Health
Food premises (stalls, mobile food vans/trucks, etc.) require registration under the Food Act and Accommodation may require registration under Public Health & Wellbeing Act. Noise may also be considered to be a nuisance under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act and controlled in addition to planning controls. 

Permits are not required for temporary toilet facilities where all waste and the toilet facilities are removed from site after the event. Other toilet facilities may require a permit from Council’s Environmental Health Team.

What do I need to submit?

Completed Planning Application Form and checklist
Relevant fees (refer to the Planning Fee Schedule)
A report detailing the proposed event, including but not limited to:

  • Dates and hours of operation,
  • Maximum and/or expected number of patrons,
  • Provision of car parking and traffic management to be implemented,
  • Whether any music or amplified noise will be generated and during what hours,
  • Whether there will be provision off food and/or alcohol,
  • Any proposed lighting,
  • Whether there will be accommodation (camping, etc) and how this will be provided,
  • Toilet or shower facilities,
  • Event management procedures such as security/crowd control, emergency management/evacuation procedures.

Three (3) copies of a site plan drawn to scale (preferably at 1:100 or 1:200) showing all of the above matters including the location of any stages, tents/marquees, lights, toilets/showers, parking and camping areas

A completed Place of Public Entertainment Occupancy Permit application form
Payment of fee ($585 plus GST)
Two sets of a full site plan detailing:

  • All existing buildings
  • Proposed temporary structures
  • Required toilet facilities
  • Car parking and traffic management for the event
  • Emergency services facilities and evacuation points. 

Structural details for the proposed temporary structure
A current copy of the Occupancy Permit for all proposed temporary structures as issued by the Victorian Building Authority
A current copy of title including the plan of subdivision and any covenants or section 173 Agreements listed
Event and Emergency Management Plans detailing:

  • Responsibilities of safety officers in relation to the operation of the fire safety elements, equipment and systems
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Safety barrier and exit locations and types
  • Control and use of the naked flame in theatrical productions (if applicable)
  • Exclusion of the public forum from unsafe areas
  • Keeping, testing or storage of flammable materials or explosive items
  • Public toilet facilities male/female/people with disabilities, type and location
  • Restrictions on smoke  and alcohol consumption in specific parts of the place of public entertainment for the for the safety of the public

Food and Health Registrations
Please contact Council’s Environmental Health Team to confirm registration requirements.

Please contact Council’s Environmental Health Team to confirm requirements for wastewater.

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