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What approvals do I need? - Car Parking

Description Car parking
Do I need approval?

The Planning Scheme (clause 52.06) sets standards for the number and design of car parking spaces. Before a new use commences or the floor area or site area of an existing use is increased, the number of car parking spaces required by clause 52.06-5 or the Parking Overlay must be provided to the satisfaction of Council.
If all of the parking required by the Clause cannot be provided on the land, a planning permit is required to:

  • Reduce (including reduce to zero) the number of car parking spaces required under Clause 52.06-5 or the Parking Overlay; and/or
  • Provide some or all of the car parking spaces required under Clause 52.06-5 or the Parking Overlay on another site.

However, if you are changing the use of the land and the parking requirements for the old use and the new use are the same and the number of existing spaces is not reduced, then no permit is required.
Please note: A car parking plan under Clause 52.06-7 must be prepared and provided to Council's satisfaction wherever Clause 52.06 applies, whether or not a permit is being sought to reduce the number of car parking spaces or provide some or all of them on another site. Parking standards are located in Clause 52.06-8 of the Planning Scheme.
If you are looking to start a new use (business) or changing the use of an existing use (business) please seek advice from Council regarding car parking requirements. You can talk to a planner in person or call them on 5662 9200.

A building permit is not required for a waiver of car parking.

What do I need to submit?

Completed planning permit application form and checklist
Relevant fees (refer to the Planning Fee Schedule)
A current copy of title for the land including, the title plan and a copy of any covenants or 173 agreements on the title (no more than 60 days old).
For all instances where Clause 52.06 applies, three (3) copies a car parking plan drawn to scale (preferably 1:100 or 1:200) showing, as appropriate:

  • All car parking spaces that are proposed to be provided (whether on the land or on other land).
  • Access lanes, driveways and associated works.
  • Allocation of car parking spaces to different uses or tenancies, if applicable.
  • Any landscaping and water sensitive urban design treatments.
  • Finished levels, if required by the responsible authority.
  • Any other matter specified in a schedule to the Parking Overlay.

For all instances where a permit is required to reduce the number of car parking spaces or to provide some or all of the car parking spaces on another site please see Clause 52.06-6 for application requirements.

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