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Leongatha Heavy Vehicle Alternate Route – Stage Two (Hughes Street)

The Leongatha Heavy Vehicle Alternate Route – Stage 2 is a current priority project endorsed by One Gippsland.
Leongatha is one of South Gippsland’s major industrial, government, medical, retail, and service centres that currently contributes $1.2 billion to the regional economy.

This hub has had significant traffic congestion and safety issues caused by the South Gippsland Highway cutting through the centre of the town. To redirect heavy vehicles away from the town centre and improve amenity and safety, a two-phase Leongatha Heavy Vehicle Alternate Route plan was developed.

Stage 1 was completed in 2016 and has diverted heavy vehicle traffic out of the main centre of town. This is now allowing for important safety enhancements, beautification, and pedestrian-friendly treatments to be currently undertaken.

Stage 2 is now requiring the detailed planning and design to complete the main town centre bypass and reduce congestion by improving freight and visitor movements, while also resolving vehicle safety and accessibility issues.