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The Gippsland Tracks and Trails Project

The Gippsland Tracks and Trails project is the region’s integrated plan to bring the various tracks and trails throughout Gippsland together into an internationally acclaimed tourist attraction. The project aims to connect the 475 kilometres of existing rail trail corridors throughout Gippsland together, connect visitors to the region’s diverse experiences including iconic lakes and beaches, lush valleys, and ranges.

The trail will make use of existing off-road tracks, roads less travelled, and the rail network to link visitors from north to south and west to east, making the whole of Gippsland accessible by bike, and providing visitor access to villages and towns along its route.

There are a range of track projects within this overarching project, most notably the Great Southern Rail Trail (GSRT). The Leongatha to Nyora section of the GSRT has been funded and well advanced however, the Welshpool to Alberton section is yet to be completed.

For the GSRT to reach its full potential, it is important that the overarching project is realised and Council continues to work in partnership with Destination Gippsland and neighbouring councils in advocating for the Gippsland Tracks and Trails Project.

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