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Building Applications

Most Building applications can be completed online, though printable forms are also available to download, or from our Customer Service centre.

Report & consent
Apply to vary the siting of Class 1 and Class 10 structures.

Building within an easement (Regulation 130)
Apply to allow construction within an easement, in which Council has a vested interest.

Demolition (Section 29a)
Apply for demolition consent under this section of the Building Act 1993.
Note: This is NOT a building permit.  A building permit will be required in addition to this consent

Farm Sheds - Building permit exemption
You may apply for an exemption from a building permit for the construction of an agricultural shed on farm land.  To be eligible for this exemption, you must be able to demonstrate that the farm land is actively used for farming and has a significant and substantial commercial purpose that is making a profit, or has the potential to make a profit.  Additionally, the shed must -

  • Be a Class 10 storage building.  (A dairy, workshop, factory, etc are different classes of building)
  • Be located on farm land (Farm Zone) having a minimum size of 2 Hectares.
  • Only be used the storage of farm equipment.

Property information certificates (Regulation 51)
Apply for property information as prescribed within Regulation 51(1), (2), & (3) of the Building Regulations 2018.

Copies of building permit plans and documentation (Regulation 50)
Apply to get copies of building plans and building permit documentation for your property.
Note that only the property owner, or an agent authorised by the owner, may make this application.

Legal point of discharge (stormwater)
Apply to receive Legal Point of Discharge (stormwater) for a property.

Protection of adjoining property application (Protection works)
If your private building surveyor requires a protection works notice to be served under Part 7 of the Building Regulations 2018, you may apply to Council for the adjoining property owner’s details.

Register your Swimming Pool or Spa

Lodge a Certificate of Compliance for your Swimming pool or Spa barrier

POPE - Occupancy Permit Application