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Spotlight on Toora

Key Points in History

Date Key Point
1850 Buchanan brothers set up a sawmill in Muddy Creek (near present day Toora)
1850 Small settlement set up in Muddy Creek
1876 Toora's name was established East of Muddy Creek
1880 The Franklin River school was opened on the property of settler John O'Dea
1884 Minimg began (ended 1942)
1889 the settlement and school was named Toora
1892 The Great Southern Railway was extended from Leongatha to Toora
1892 Toora and Welshpool Pioneer newspaper was started by Randolph Bedford
1893 A dairy factory was opened in 1893
1907 Tin Mine School opened, (Closed 1967)
1914 Public hospital opened
1928 Toora had public baths on Muddy Creek Upstream from the watery sediment
1970 A half sized Olympic Pool replaced the Muddy Creek Baths
2001 Wind turnbines installed in the hills