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Bair Street Project


Will this project result in more or less car park spaces?
There will be two more carparks as a result of the works.

How much will the project cost?
$5.4 million. Council has contributed $1.2 million, State Government $1.5 and Federal Government $2.7.

How long will the project take to complete?
Two years.

Will parking be affected?
Yes – however we do not anticipate any need to close the full length of parking down either side of the street for prolonged periods.
We will be working with businesses and contractors to minimise impacts to parking and shop access.

Will the road be completely closed?
There may be times when the road will need to be closed, but this will be minimised where possible.

Where can I park to access Bair Street?
Possibly parking locations include Apex Park, IGA and Hyland Place carparks. But it is likely that there will still be some parking available on Bair Street for most of the project.

What does the project hope to achieve?
The Bair Street Project aims to provide a more visually appealing streetscape with increased vegetation and improved footpaths, street lighting and street furniture. However a lot of the works will not be visible after the project has been completed. This includes new water mains, the relocation of overhead powerlines underground and a new stormwater and drainage network. A plan is available on Council's website.

Was consultation undertaken?
Yes. Extensive consultation was undertaken with the community, commencing in 2016.

Will the project be completed in stages?
Sequencing of the work will be determined with the successful contractors as the project progresses.

How will I know what stages are occurring and what shops will be impacted?
We will be providing regular updates in local papers and Facebook.

What happens if emergency vehicles require access?
Emergency vehicles will be provided access.

Will the CFA still have access at all times?
Yes, we will ensure that the CFA has access at all times.

Will this project include improvements to the Leongatha Rail Yards?
No. This is a separate project. Improvements to the Leongatha Rail Yards will require additional funding.

Where will loading zones be located after the improvement works have been completed?
Loading zones are still to be confirmed. We will be in consultation with businesses as to where they will be most effective.

How can my business receive deliveries during construction?
If your business receives deliveries at certain times weekly, you can communicate this with us so that we can make this possible.

What will the parking time limits be after the improvement works have been completed?
Parking durations are still to be confirmed. We will be in consultation with businesses.