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Liquor Licencing

Apply for a liquor licence


If you are planning to sell or serve alcohol you will need to apply for a Victorian Liquor Licence. There are a number of different types of licences that are differentiated by the size of the establishment and the amount of alcohol sold or served. Common type of liquor licences include:

  • Renewable Limited Licence (includes B&Bs, small wineries, small motels with mini bars etc.)
  • Vigneron Licence (large wine makers)
  • Club Licences
  • Restaurant and Cafe Licence
  • General Licence (includes hotels, clubs and taverns)

Issues that influence what type of liquor licence you will require include:

  • The licence time period (for how long will you require a liquor licence?)
  • Where will the alcohol be consumed - on premises or taken away?
  • Land use restrictions and requirements

Businesses where the supply of liquor is only a small part of the products and services on offer are exempt from the requirement to hold a liquor licence. This may includes businesses such as some bed and breakfasts, hairdressers, florists, gift makers, butchers, hospitals, residential care services, retirement villages and cruise ships.