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Noise Complaints

Noise is one of the most common nuisance complaints received by Councils. It can cause serious interference to people’s enjoyment of their homes and potentially affect health through loss of sleep, stress and interference to everyday activities. While there is no right to complete peace and quiet, there is a requirement that noise not be unreasonably produced so as to seriously impact nearby premises.

The Environment Protection Act controls noise from domestic and commercial premises. In some instances further controls are applied by planning permits, local laws or other legislation.

Councils: deal with noise from domestic premises and some commercial or industrial businesses.

Environmental Protection Agency: deals with noise from licenced industrial operations and some types of commercial businesses.

Police: attend noise from domestic premises out of normal business hours or which involve noise from parties or domestic disputes.

Often the person creating the noise is not aware of the problems this causes for their neighbours. Council encourages neighbours to talk to each other about noise issues provided they can do so in a calm manner.

If you are unsure about whether you can have a calm discussion with your neighbour about the problem then the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria can help to mediate between you.

If this does not resolve the problem then a complaint can be made to Council’s Environmental Health Team on 5662 9200.

Further information is also available from the Environmental Protection Agency's Annoyed by Noise flyer.