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Additional Information: Coal Seam Gas

Onshore Gas Community Panel

The Gippsland Local Government Network's (GLGN) is directly involved in a consultation program regarding onshore natural gas in Victoria.

In April 2014 the Government appointed The Primary Agency as the Independent Facilitator of an extensive community consultation program to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and range of views held across the community, particularly in communities where the geology suggests there may be onshore natural gas.

Onshore Gas Community Panel

The Primary Agency has already met with hundreds of Victorians in individual meetings and open days across the State. They are now deepening this discussion via community discussion groups and stakeholder meetings.

They are now convening two Community Panels (one for each of the Gippsland and South West Victoria) consisting of organisations and advocates representing ‘group’ and community interests.

These include natural resource management groups, farming industry groups, local government and industry stakeholders, as well as health and environmental advocates and community representatives.

The Gippsland Local Government Network are participating in the Gippsland Panel.

All six Gippsland Councils have confirmed their support for GLGN to be involved in further discussions regarding the onshore natural gas.

Furthermore, four out of the six expressed interest for their Council to be part of the onshore gas community panel.

Council's Cr. Andrew McEwen is the South Gipsland representative. Cr McEwen will participate in the four x 2.5 hour panel sessions held in Traralgon from mid-October 2014 to February 2015.