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Submissions to Council

Make A Submission to Council

Submissions to Council can be made both formally and informally.

Make a Submission on Current Exhibited Documents

Formal Submissions: Section 223 Right to Make a Submission

A person may make a formal written submission, under Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989.  Submissions are then heard, considered and decided by Council. S223 Processes are generally undertaken for major Council decisions such as the Annual Budget, Council Plan and Land Sales. Further details on Section 223 Right to Make a Submission are located in the attached Policy and Frequently Asked Questions.

Formal submissions must be in writing, addressed and sent to:
Chief Executive Officer
South Gippsland Shire Council
9 Smith Street,
Leongatha, VIC 3953

Or via email, attention of the Chief Executive Officer:

Informal Submissions:

Council appreciates that some residents would prefer to provide feedback, but not go through the formal submission process. Although this process is not accepted as a formal submission that Council must consider and respond to, it does keep Council informed about the community’s response before deliberating. Often where informal submissions are open, Council will utilise the 'OurSay' Platform to call for comments, votes etc.