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Port Welshpool & District Maritime Museum

Port Welshpool and District Maritime Museum is housed in one of the original fishermen's homes of Port Welshpool. It houses a collection that showcases the history of the district inlcuding maritime artifacts, a shell collection and history of those who where the founding families of the area. It is also the site of the Janet Iles, a fishing boat built in 1914 for the Smith family. The Section 86 Committee manages the collection and the museum to enable locals and visitors alike to share in the history of the Port Welshpool District. The Committee meets monthly.

Townsend Street, Port Welshpool

Each Section 86 Committe has an Instrument of Delegation outlining their role and responsibilities. The Port Welshpool District Maritime Museum Business Plan provides an outline of the museum direction for the years 2018 - 2023.