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DrumMUSTER Farm Chemical Drum Recycling

About DrumMUSTER

DrumMUSTER is a recycling program for empty and clean agricultural chemical drums. South Gippsland Shire Council has established FREE drumMUSTER collection centres at all transfer stations.

Farmers with less than 20 drums can dispose of them at any time without prior notice. To dispose of more than 20 drums at a time, farmers will need to make a booking by contacting Council on (03) 5662 9200.

To be accepted, all drums must:

  • Carry the drumMUSTER logo;
  • Be clean, dry and free of chemical residue (dirt, rust and dye stains are acceptable); and
  • Have lids removed.

Metal drums should be pierced from top through bottom for draining and airing. For further information visit

If you have drums still containing farming chemicals please click here for more information.