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Maintain Your Septic System

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan and Septic Maintenance

In accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1970, Council has commenced a program to educate current and future owners on the benefits of looking after their septic system and the risks of neglecting them.

Ensuring that property owners maintain their septic system also helps council to:

  • Protect drinking water sources
  • Preserve sensitive environmental areas
  • Enable sustainable land use

A key part of this program is checking that property owners have been servicing their septic system at appropriate intervals to ensure it is functioning properly and safely. See the Servicing of Your System page for more information on servicing requirements.

Council is not requesting any non-scheduled servicing, owners who have maintained their system as recommended by the EPA and system manufacturer  can send in evidence of the last routine service.

If you receive a request for evidence of your last service and are unsure what to do in your particular situation please contact Council.

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