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Naming roads, places & features

Road Naming Guidelines

Naming rules for places in Victoria – Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2016 (the naming rules) sets out step-by-step information on naming, renaming or changing the boundaries of roads, features and localities in Victoria.

The naming rules uphold the guidelines provided for in the Geographic Place Names Act 1998. They are mandatory for naming authorities in Victoria and were developed following consultation with municipal councils, government departments, and emergency response and public service providers.

The Register of Geographic Names (VICNAMES) holds over 200,000 road and over 40,000 place names. Geographic Names Victoria (GNV) is recording name origin history for these records and uses a range of sources to identify the history of names.  VICNAMES is the state's official Register of Geographic Names. It contains place names including cities, towns, suburbs, regions, roads, landscape features, recreational reserves, transport stations, schools, hospitals, national parks, forests, reserves, and tracks. It is free to search place names and members of the public are welcome to submit historical information via VICNAMES or by submission to or

The naming rules are based on national standards and policies and provide a strong basis for standardised and unambiguous naming procedures across the state.

The full version of the naming rules can be found at

Information for residents - A fact sheet is provided to assist you in responding appropriately and understanding what role you can play in the process.

Road Names History

The historical information component for South Gippsland road names which includes the history of why, how and/or whom the road was named after.  This information is also available at VICNAMES the state's official Register of Geographic Names.

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