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Reception Closure

Next week, Council’s main reception in Leongatha will be closed for building works. Reception will reopen on Monday 22 August. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Rural road numbering

What is rural road numbering?

It is an easy system to identify properties along any rural street or road.

It works by numbering houses on the left hand side with odd numbers and those on the right with even numbers from the starting point, which is usually a major road.

Sequential numbering starts at 5 and 10, increasing by increments of 10 for every 100 metres.  So, if your house was 480m from a major road on the left hand side, your number would be either 47 or 49.

This system provides a guide for all road users eg. if you are looking for number 500 and pass number 300, you are two kilometres from your destination.  Also, by dividing the rural road number by 100, it gives the approximate distance from the starting point of the road eg. number 150 is 1.5km from the start of the road.

RRN makes it easier for emergency services, rural residents and visitors to locate rural properties.

Currently displaying the name or lot number at the entrance of a rural property is hard to use as a guide or sequence to aid people trying to find a property.

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