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Live Streaming

Please note:
The Council Meeting is live streamed through a YouTube streaming service which automatically selects the appropriate quality level based on your internet speed and quality. This setting can be manually overridden by accessing the ‘settings cog’ in the bottom right hand corner. Council is not responsible for these types of technical issues as they are beyond its control.

Council meetings are streamed live to the public as a means of enhancing transparency and public decision making.

Please see the videos below for recent meetings, a copy of the Live Streaming Policy is available at Council Policies.

To watch the current meeting please visit Live Stream during the scheduled meeting time.

Don't have time to watch the whole meeting? Sign up to In The Know for a summary Council Meeting Update.

Past Meetings

Council Meeting - 15 May 2024

Council Meeting - 17 April 2024

Council Meeting - 20 March 2024

Council Meeting - 21 Febuary 2024